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Scientist, Statistician, Data Whisperer


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Research  My work appears to be a hodge-podge of problems in a variety of disciplines, but there are significant common threads. Statistical pattern recogition is prevalent in all of my research endeavors, oftentimes with a healthy dash of graph theory, data fusion, semi-supervised learning, and/or computational linguistics. Recently, I have been working on vertex nomination and stream characterization (with Carey Priebe), mental health signals in social media (with Mark Dredze and Craig Harman), anomaly detection in speech and graphs (with Nash Borges and Gerard Meyer), and zero-resource speech applications (with Aren Jansen and Mark Dredze and Benjamin Van Durme).

My PhD research (completed July 2008 with Richard Melloni at Northeastern University Psychology Department) investigated the application of statistical pattern recogntion and machine learning techniques to psychiatric data. Specifically, I investigated how the application of such techniques can supplement and supplant current analytic and predictive analytic techniques.
Curriculum Vita
2008 Ph.D. Northeastern University Neuroscience
2005 M.A. Northeastern University Psycholinguistics
2003 B.S. Northeastern University Computer Science / Cognitive Psychology