Glen Coppersmith, PhD

Founder & CEO, Qntfy  |  @GlenCoppersmith

Bio  I diverged from the traditional academic path, taking algorithms from the ivory tower and applying them to real world problems on real world data (unruly as such data is). This means that I generally approach challenges by examining the entire ecosystem in which a piece of technology is meant to exist and assist. I find my self equally often addressing User Experience issues with human processes as I do optimizing analytics and designing clever schemes for obtaining supervision in naturally occurring data.

I am the founder and CEO of Qntfy (pronounced “quantify”), a software company that combines capabilities rarely found under one roof: data science to construct research hypotheses, automated data collection from non-traditional and traditional sources, and the ability to build complex data-driven systems. We translate data science and machine learning into practical, patient centered solutions.

I'm also an independent consultant on a range of data science related work, including various DARPA data science programs and some engagements with my friends at The Data Guild.

Prior to founding Qntfy, I was the first full-time research scientist at the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins University. My research there focused on the creation and application of statistical pattern recognition techniques to large, noisy, disparate data sets in real world problems. My work there spanned from principled exploratory data analysis through anomaly detection, graph theory, statistical inference and visualization.

I do still publish papers and maintain a handful of academic affiliations, including Johns Hopkins and Georgetown. My PhD research (completed July 2008 with my dear mentor and friend Richard Melloni at Northeastern University Psychology Department) investigated the application of statistical pattern recogntion and machine learning techniques to psychiatric data. Specifically, I investigated how the application of such techniques can supplement and supplant current analytic and predictive analytic techniques.
Curriculum Vita
2008 Ph.D. Northeastern University Neuroscience
2005 M.A. Northeastern University Psycholinguistics
2003 B.S. Northeastern University Computer Science / Cognitive Psychology